Saturday 17 December 2016

Our Second Week In Norfolk

We're all finally over the flu and all 3 boys had a full week at their new schools!

Noah has settled in so well, and has even been invited for a playdate at his new friends house!
The twins are finding it a bit harder to settle, but they've made friends and do enjoy going to school.
This past week has been a fun filled week for them all.
They've had their very first nativity play - Oscar wasn't so keen on getting up on stage, but by the end of it he got up and sang along to the last song!

Noah had his Christmas Carol concert at the local church, which got me feeling very festive!

Walking down our road on the way to school.
We took Rupert to the local soft play, where he had fun going down all the big twisty slides.
The food was amazing and both Jon and myself can't wait to go back.

Rupert has also been enjoying some muddy puddle walks down our road.
The village we live in is so quiet, but everyone we meet is super friendly and always say hello!

The boys in their play

The Church where Noah had his Christmas Carol Concert.
We are finally starting to feel more settled, we still have a mountain of boxes in our room but we are slowly working our way through them.
This week will be where we really attack them, as we want more of it done before Christmas arrives and my parents come to stay.

Our Kitchen

I turned 31 yesterday so Jon treated me to a Costa Coffee, our first since moving to Norfolk!
We also managed to get some last minute Christmas shopping done, as Jon's parents came over to look after Ru, even though Helen is still getting over the flu that I so kindly passed on to her!

As well as a Costa Coffee Jon also bought me a new laptop .... a MacBook Pro!

I received some lovely gifts and beautiful cards, we did have a Chinese for dinner, but we weren't too impressed with it!

Tomorrow is Noah's birthday and Jon is taking him out, so today will be spent wrapping his presents and trying to figure out if we have everything we need for Christmas!
I can't believe its only a week away!!!!

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