Saturday 19 December 2015

The boy who started it all.....

My baby turned 8 yesterday! 8 that's just crazy.

So much has happened in those 8 years, we've moved 6 times, we went from being a twosome to a threesome and then very quickly to a fivesome then finally on to a family of 6! 

Noah has been great throughout. He's had his ups and downs and that's completely understandable.

Noah coming along when he did was a silver lining, I was heading down a path of destruction and he changed all that and gave me a purpose! 

He had a great birthday and said it was the best day ever! 
He received some lovely pressies,
Minecraft story mode,
Minecraft creeper backpack,
Minecraft Lego farm and the snow one 
Star Wars Lego,
Minecraft nightlight,
Enough money to buy himself Lego dimensions for the ps4.
(That's if he doesn't get it for Christmas!)

He had a McDonalds for his dinner and then we played Zelda Monopoly once the little ones went to bed and snacked on popcorn! 

Today we came to my mums and Noah had two of his best friends over and he's two cousins Isla and Esme were here.
So they all played like crazy people and stuffed their faces with pizza and Star Wars cake! 

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