Thursday 30 April 2015

Our journey back to cloth

 Whilst we were in the process of moving and living at Jon's parents I stopped using our cloth nappies, but now we are settled in the new house and Ru's room is nearly unpacked and all his stash is now out on show we have gone back to using cloth.

I love it even more now we are back in the land of the cloth and I have officially caught the fluff bug once again.

It's also much easier now he's bigger, as it was a bit fiddly when he was small.

Nothing looks cuter on chubby legs than a funky nappy!!! 

It was Real Nappy Week last week and .babipur have some great offers on cloth, so I had to buy some new ones, it would be wrong not too .....

My first Close Popins so I'm looking forward to trying it out and hoping it works well so I can use it as a nighttime nappy with the extra booster. As currently 
Still using disposables as I haven't found a nappy that hasn't leaked during the night! 

This is Ru's stash and I can see that growing! 

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