Thursday 18 December 2014

Christmas crafting

Seeing as Noah is off, I thought I would get some Christmas crafting done. 
This year I've gone for the Santa salt dough hand prints.

What you need: 
A bowl to mix in
One cup of salt (table salt is fine)
One cup of plain flour
One cup of water - you probably won't need all of it, so pour a little at a time 

What to do: 
Pour in the salt
Pour in the flour
Add the water a little at a time
Kneed until a dough is formed.
Once the dough is nice and firm and not sticky, roll out until about a cm thick.

Then get your lovely littles to add their handprints.
Don't forget to add holes if you want to use them as tree decorations. I used the purple but of a calpol syringe. 

Then cut out and pop in the oven at 100•c for 2 - 3 hours turn them over half way if they are thick.

Once cool (usually best to leave over night) you can paint the design 

I had mine baking for about 3 hours then I turned them over and baked for another hour, I left them to cool over night and used a permanent marker to do the detail.

They aren't perfect but they will look great on the tree and make perfect keepsakes. Specially Ru's as its his 1st Christmas 

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