Monday 10 August 2015

Introducing the next big "Mummy Must Have" - The Cub Bag

The Cub Bag which is launched today I believe is set to be the next big mummy must have. 

All new mummies have a check list of things they want to get before the babe gets here and I can see them adding The Cub Bag to the top of the list.

Not only is it a funky changing bag, that holds all the essential baby items, it can be used as a feeding support when you're out and about!

I remember feeding Ru in an Asda's changing room, it was the most uncomfortable moment for both of us, I was used to feeding with my pillow at home and hadn't quite mastered feeding out and about without my beloved pillow.
So it was all rather awkward.

The Cub Bag would have given me the support that I needed. 

Once the baby is bigger The Cub Bag can also be used as a carrying support when worn across the shoulder.  I'm not saying it's a baby carrier because it's not, but it can take some of the weight off whilst you are holding your babe on your hip!

A bit more about this fantastic bag.... 
The Cub Bag has been designed and developed by a mum, who never did manage to find a baby changing bag she really liked. Following a trip around South America the Cub Bag was created based on the traditional, multi-functional, baby carriers of Peru.
The result of two years design and development is a great looking baby bag that keeps things simple, while making parents daily lives a little bit easier.
Cub Bag has created a beautiful and stylish baby changing bag but what’s more we have created a bag worthy of daily use - not just for taking out when in the company of babies and small children. It’s also an ideal baby bag for travelling.
Made in the UK and available in a limited edition range of high-quality faux suede and linen fabrics.
For more information visit 

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