Friday 21 August 2015

Where the magic happens......

My Desk,
My very own space in the house,
Where I can escape too and know no one will bug me.

We have 3 floors in our house and right at the top is our master bedroom a landing and then Ru's room, so on the landing I've created a little office spot!

Using your lap as a desk can grow tiresome and taking over the kitchen table just gets in the way of everybody else and you can never really just "be".

This Ladder desk was half price from Argos and fits just perfectly on the landing between the two rooms, and the white colour is just plain and simple, perfect for me to add my own little touches.

On my desk part is obviously my laptop, then a pot of pens that I use in my planner and for note taking, then there is my beloved planner and a note book that I'm currently using.

We then go up to the two shelves, one has some books, more notepads, two boxes of goodies - stickers and washi tape, which I use mainly when decorating my planner. Then a pot of colouring pens and a box of journaling cards.

Then on the very top shelf are my cameras -
my gorgeous Nikon that I don't use as often as I should!
A super old Kodak that I bought myself when I received some inheritance money from my uncle, even though I don't use it I could never part with it as it will always remind me of him.
Then my Samsung video recorder/camera, something my parents bought me for Christmas to film the boys with but its just sat in the box until now. I'm planning on using it more as its a great bit of kit.
Also I would like to start videoing for my blog!
I also have my adult colouring books that I do when I'm feeling a bit too stressed out!

On the wall I have these fab print outs that I found on Etsy. The frames are from B&M bargains and were £2.99 for three!!

I'm still adding personal touches here and there, to make this a fun and funky place to work, which hopefully encourage me to write up some fun and funky posts.

Hopefully this hasn't been too boring and that you actually enjoyed having a little peak into my personal space!

Do you have an office?
How do you put your personal touch on it?

Etsy shop -- spellandtell

Argos no longer stock my desk but you can find Ladder desks over on Amazon

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