Friday 20 May 2016

Product Review || Messy Me High Chair Cover

Stylish wipe clean products for
busy mums and messy little ones.

I was recently sent the Messy Me High Chair Cover in Olive Grey.

I have a strange obsession for oil cloth, so I was more than excited about Ru's new cover turning up.
I picked the stars design, as he is very into Stars and loves to sign "star".

The cover has a lovely feel to it, and you can see it is made with love and care!
Ru's highchair is a more than a few years old. It was his cousins Sam's and then it was passed down to the twins.
So to say I was getting bored of it wouldn't be far from the truth, So being able to jazz it up rather than spending more money than sense on a new one really won me over.

The cover fits nicely over the chair, without having to have a tug of war.
It wipes up like a dream.
When Ru decides to actually eat food, he is an extreme messy eater, so having something that's easily cleaned with out putting too much elbow grease into it is great.

The feet part of the cover does come with straps, but for the Cosatto highchair, there are no where for those straps to strap on to, so I just tucked them behind and there really was no difference to the over all look.

A bit more about Messy Me

Babies and children are born to be messy!  

Most children love mess and giving them opportunities to be messy is an important part of childhood.
There is lots of research highlighting the importance of self feeding and messy play in a child’s development.

Messy Me was inspired by my third baby – Florence.  We tried baby led weaning with her.  She was a dream eater, happy to try anything I put in front of her – but she was very, very messy and desperate to feed herself from very early on.  I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to mess and dirt BUT the mess left behind after baby and toddler mealtimes can be quite something…With 2 other children racing around the house, I didn’t have the time or energy to spend ages clearing up after each mealtime…
  • Puree slopped all over the high chair
  • Squashed and soggy left overs down the sides of the seat cushion….
  • Bits all over the floor (although that improved once we got a dog…)

A range of products which are not only practical, but complement and blend with kitchen decor.

I searched for products to help with the clearing up process – products which were practical, high quality and would look good in our recently re-decorated kitchen.  Unable to find anything I liked, I set about designing a range of practical products to help parents with clearing up after their messy little ones, products which would appeal to mums and look stylish in modern day kitchens.
Little Florence, her cousins Luca and Hugo and some friends road tested my various designs and mock ups and so, Messy Me was born.
We now design and manufacture a range of oilcloth products,  using soft, high quality oilcloth sourced from Denmark.  We are proud to manufacture all our products in the UK and we support small British businesses where possible.
It’s all about easy to use,  lovely looking products which help you to stay sane, and enjoy time spent with your messy little ones.

Do you want to jazz up your boring high chair?
The covers fit most high chairs.

Check the below list and see if it will fit on to your little ones chair.

Mamas and Papas
·         Prima Pappa
·         Zest
·         Bon Bon
·         Din Dins
·         Barcelona
·         Picnic
·         Oslo
John Lewis
·         Fruits
·         Tot Sprout
·         Happy Snack
·         Jazzy
·         Polly
·         On the Move
·         Hi Lo
·         3 Sixti Circle
·         Noodle
·         Duo Diner

The covers cost a £29.50, much cheaper than buying a brand new highchair!

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