Thursday 19 May 2016

Father's Day Gift Idea || Sugru Starter Kit

Give Your Dad A Hacking Good Gift

Not sure what to get him?

Knock his socks off with a
Sugru Starter Kit
- ideal for dads who love a bit of DIY but never sure where to begin.

For just £10 the Sugru Starter Kit will introduce your dad to the DIY of the future
(includes 5 packs of Sugru) and get him started on ten easy home hacking
projects (includes a booklet chock full of how-to guides).

So what’s a home hack then?

It’s a kind of DIY that we’ve all be doing for years without even
realising it. 
Often referred to as fixing, tweaking, tinkering or
enhancing, the
Sugru Starter Kit
a booklet containing projects designed to help with everything from misplaced
keys and fraying cables to broken parts and even some genius shoe storage
It’s the perfect gift for anybody who loves a good idea.

My dad absolutely loved his pack. 
He took it into work and set about finding things to use it for.
His first test was making a hook for his bag.

As you can see from the picture above, it really does do what it's intended to do.

Get yours now at for £10 and check out some cool and useful project ideas.

Easy DIY? He’s going to love it!

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