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Noah’s First Proper Christmas

Recently I was asked by Mothercare to share some advice and ideas on my first baby's first Christmas for a blog post that they were putting together.
Bloggers Tips for a Baby's First Christmas
I was more than happy to do so and now that their post is live I thought I would share my whole piece with you guys.


Noah was born on December 18th, 2007 so his very first Christmas is a total blur and I can’t really remember much apart from staying up most the night watching Father Ted and breast feeding and eating brownies!

So when people ask me about Noah’s first proper Christmas I always remember Christmas 2008 where he had just turned 1 and was already walking.

I remember going really OTT with the decorations in our little flat and making a ridiculous amount of paper snowflake’s and putting up our very first Christmas Tree.
He didn’t really take any notice of any of it and continued doing what he did most days.
I was so worried it wouldn’t be perfect that I forgot he was only 1 and wouldn’t actually remember if there were decorations.

Christmas eve we went over and stayed with my parents so that we could all wake up together and for the first time in a long time make a big fuss of Christmas morning as he was the first grandchild!

We did the carrot for Rudolph and drink for Santa and I even started a tradition that the boys all still have, which is brand new Christmas pjs to go to bed in!
It felt nice to be making a fuss again as the magic really does fade away once you enter your teens and adulthood.
So even though Noah had no idea what we were doing we all really enjoyed doing it.

Christmas morning we had breakfast first as I was adamant that Noah would stick to his routine.

Noah loved seeing all the pretty coloured boxes of all shapes and sizes under the twinkling tree and Seeing as he’d just had a birthday he knew full well what was to be done with those boxes and was more than eager to get going and started helping himself too all the boxes that took his fancy.

He got very spoilt that year and everyone enjoyed doing so.
 I remember his favourite present was a toy hoover from Mothercare that my Gran had bought for him as she knew how much he loved pretending to use my hoover to clean around the flat.

He had his first taste of Christmas dinner that year too, and from what I can remember he ate it all up.
I do wish I knew about Baby Led Weaning back then as that would have made my meal time much easier and I think he would of enjoyed it more as he was a very hands on baby!

 I over stressed the little things and over spent on presents for him as I worried he wouldn’t have enough but in the end he had more than he knew what to do with and if I asked him now what he got he wouldn’t even know and to be honest I hardly remember what he got!

I also stressed too much on trying to keep him in his usual routine,
 not only did it not work as meal times were all out of sync and there was far too much going on for him to nap.
I stressed out and didn’t enjoy the day as much as I should have.

Noah survived not having his usual routine and so did I.
I have learned from this and with all the other boys first Christmas I was much more relaxed and enjoyed the day a lot more!

When Noah did get a little grizzly around lunchtime we popped on some shoes and took him out for an afternoon stroll and left mum to crack on with lunch and by the time we got back Noah was fast asleep and I was calmer and able to enjoy the rest of the day!

My bit of advice is to not worry about going too mad with the presents as they don’t really need much for their first Christmas and will be quite happy with something little.
Maybe focus buying little keepsakes that you can keep to remember your 1st baby’s very first Christmas.

Try not to stress the little things, if your routine does goes out of sync don’t fret life will go on and the baby will survive.

If you end up feeling stressed pop on your coat and take babe for a stroll and I promise it will make you feel 100x better!

I can't believe that my first little baby is about to have his 10th Christmas!!
Where did the time go?!


In return for writing my tips and advice Mothercare very Kindly sent the Twins & Ru some gorgeous festive PJs and a very cool Christmas Eve box that I can fill with goodies for all four boys.

The Christmas Eve box and PJs can be found over on Mothercare's Christmas shop.

Keep an eye on the blog to find out what I'll be putting inside the Christmas Eve box.


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