Friday 15 April 2016

Tummy Bugs, Coffee and a New Car

Easter holidays have been and gone and oh how they dragged.
The first week we didn't really do anything as we had a lot of stuff to do with the business but I had lots of fun things planned for the second week.

Well that was up until the tummy bugs hit! Alex, Oscar, Ru and Jon all suffered! 
I managed to get the twins and Noah to the cinema on the Wednesday but that was it.
I had planned to visit Kent Life, Leeds Castle and a family swimming trip but no!

So now I'll spread those visits over a couple of weekends as I was really looking forward to getting some day trips done.

The twins and Noah all went back off to school/nursery on Monday and to be honest I pretty much did a happy dance as soon as I waved them off.
I know that sounds pretty mean, but we were all suffering from cabin fever and it was great to get them out the house.

Also not having them around meant I could give the house a good tidy top to bottom whilst Ru ran around behind me pretending to join in.

We sold our car on Monday, so I've been pretty much housebound, I've taken Ru to the park a few times but other than that we haven't done anything. I need to him a smart trike as then I could push him to the beach, walking there with him would just be painful.

With our weekly shopping we treated ourselves to a new Tassimo coffee machine.
Oh its amazing!
I can even make the boys hot chocolate and baby-chinos too!!

Yesterday our new car turned up, it's a bit of a beast and I'm not really looking forward to getting behind the wheel.
I'm sure as soon as I do I'll love it and won't know what I was moaning about.

I have some exciting reviews coming up in the next few days, weeks;

• Pink Parcel  
• Slendertone
• Hasbro Games
• Tots by smart trike
•  Maped Helix

Now I'm self hosted (I am incase you hadn't notice)
I feel like a real blogger and feel like my blog is going in the direction I want it too.

I'm currently in talks with a website designer about giving the blog a facelift.
As this current design no longer excites me. 

Hope you all have a lovely Friday :)

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