Thursday 21 April 2016

Subscription Box Review || Pink Parcel

It's a monthly thing.

If this doesn't make your monthly period a happy one,
I'm not sure what will!!

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box based around your period.
You pick your preferred "lady" products and then select when your period is due.
You'll then receive something nice to cheer you up when that dreaded time comes.

Nothing cheers me up more than receiving something nice in the post.

What comes in the big box?
Lots of little boxes containing different things.

A little drawstring bag that you can keep discretely in you bag  which contains 3 panty liners and 4 pads,
a box for bedtime which contains 5 night-time pads,
a box for later which contains 14 more pads.
a box containing some intimate cleaning soap "for down there"
and the best one of all..... a box for you! This happy box contains, a special tea bag, some yummy treats and some make up products.

So you have all your period needs covered and something lovely to stop you attacking everyone for at least 5 minutes!

I'm not sure if its just me, but even at the age of 30 I feel funny about going into the supermarket and buying sanitary pads, when I do I always make sure I go to a female check out attendant.
Having a load delivered by post makes me much happier!
Please tell me its not just me who feels like that!?!?!

Now I know your all dying to know what came in the goodie box!!!

Teapigs Chamomile Flowers Tea
I do love a nice hot cup of herbal tea when I'm feeling down in the dumps
£1.30 for two

Mallow and Marsh Bar
My bar was the coconut flavour -  it was amazing, much nicer than I thought it would be!
£18.00 for a case of 12

Nairn's Rough Oatcakes
These are great for giving you an energy boost when you're feeling a little sluggish.
£1.29 for 291g

iSmoulder - eyeshadow pencil from New CID Cosmetics
A dual ended Smokey eye pencil with complementing eye shadow.
Mine came in a sapphire colour - not a colour I usually go for but ill give it ago.

Boozi Body Care Hand Cream - French Martini
This is happiness in a tube!
Its smell is amazing, its hard not to keep sniffing your hands. Ill be buying this again!

NPW Pomegranate & Paw Paw Face Mask
An invigorating and nourishing mask with extracts of pomegranate and paw paw to retox your face  ready for the big wide world post duvet day.
I really enjoyed using this mask and my face felt amazing afterwards.

True Brit London Nail Polish
This pink colour has been exclusively designed for Pink Parcel.
I've been searching for a nice new pink nail varnish recently, so this has really ticked the box for me.
Its long lasting and looks fab. 

I also received a Natural Blender 'Tummy Tamer' recipe card, £15 off discount code for when I spend over £25 or more over on Teapigs, a Nairn's Chicken Roulade with Caesar Garnish recipe card, 15% off discount code for Boozi body care, 15% off discount code for new id cosmetics, £25 towards my first Gousto box.
Cocoba chocolate smiley,
A little fab bag, for discreet tampon disposal £1.99
Sass intimate purifying cleanser £7.00

In total all the stuff in the Pink Parcel adds up to - £45.79 ( minus the food and the tea)
The box costs you only £9.95 plus p&p you really do get value for money!!

I definitely shall be signing up to receive more Pink Parcels, this has been one of my favourite subscription boxes by far!

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