Sunday 5 June 2016

Review || Trolley Bags

Trolley Bags make packing a breeze!
The patented system of four reusable bags are revolutionising the way people pack their groceries.
Trolley Bags are four different sized bags, connected together with Velcro along the integrated rails can be placed open and upright in the shopping trolley, allowing you to pack and sort groceries with 2 hands as they are scanned through the checkout, halving the time it takes at the supermarket till.

I was recently sent some Trolley Bags to try out.

I've seen them about and have thought about buying them myself but was unsure if I would actually use them.
Were they just a gimmick or were they actually really useful.......?

I took my bags along to Tesco to do my weekly shop, I loved the pastel colour and how sturdy they felt.

Feeding 6 people, plus a dog and a cat our shopping usually fills up a lot of bags so having just four I thought I may need to buy some extra carrier bags.
I needn't have worried, the bags worked perfectly.
We even had room for more!!!

The bags fit perfect in the trolley and they make the packing experience 100x easier!

Sometimes I often get in a fluster when the cashier is chucking the food at me thinking I can pack as fast as she can scan.

Sometimes I'm sure they do it just to make you feel awkward and slow.

Having the bags all open and ready to go really does control that fluster and you look completely in control!
Just pop the food into the different sections faster than the cashier can scan and you end up walking off to your car feeling smug!

I usually have to place everything on the belt in a way so that it makes packing easier, but having the trolley bags meant I could place everything randomly on the belt and then organise it quickly into the right compartments of the bags.

I think I could even take on Aldi and Lidl with these bags!!

When loading the bags into the van, I just un-stuck them and placed them in.
Easy as pie and once id unloaded the food into the kitchen I just stuck the bags back together and popped them back in the van for the next shopping trip!

I'm actually really in love with these bags and wish id purchased them soon!
It would have saved my cupboards from the hoards of "bags for life" that I've acquired as I always forget to take them along when I do the shop!

They are well made and well worth the money. If you haven't got these beauties in your life, you need to get some!!!!

You can buy bags that fit both the big trolleys and the small trolleys.
Both will cost you £19.99 and they both come in pastel ( Like the ones I have)
or the original colours which are Blue, Red, Green and Orange.

You can buy the bags from,

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