Sunday 12 June 2016

Father's Day Event with Warner Bros

The other week I was invited along to the Warner Bros offices in Holborn for a special Father's Day screening.

I headed off to London Victoria to meet my dad after work, I was hoping to catch him before he finished so we could take a stroll around The Natural History museum (his work place.) but I didn't make it in time, so we just met at Victoria station.

From there we headed straight to Holborn, we did play with the idea of going to dinner somewhere in Covent Gardens but then my dad decided he couldn't be bothered to walk, so we'd just find somewhere in Holborn.

We found a Nando's and headed inside to fill our bellies!
I had the bean burger and some halloumi, whilst dad went for the butterflied chicken. 

By the time we'd finished it was time to make it over to Warner Bros.
We were taken into a waiting area where there was a lovely buffet of food........even though I did mention they'd be food my dad wasn't aware of how good the food would be, hence why we went out for dinner.

We got some drinks and took a seat, I managed to get dad to pose with Creed. I also took a few selfies with batman, but they didn't turn out so well, so only the boys got to see those!

My dad is a big Rocky fan and has been wanting to watch Creed, so was over the moon when I invited him along to watch it, I on the other hand haven't been a big boxing film fan, but after watching Creed, I would happily sit down and watch more of them.
I got really into the film, and found myself on the edge of my seat during the boxing match scenes.

A film I would definitely watch again!

It was lovely spending one on one time with dad, something we haven't done for a long, long, long time, usually we'll have the boys with us or when I was younger it would have been my brother.

Its something I would like to keep up and make sure, we spend a day together doing something, even if it is just going out to watch a film and have a bite to eat.

So thank you Warner Bros. for letting us spend a lovely evening together!

We were also gifted an amazing goodie bag filled to the brim with DVDs, We also got a Rocky Balboa hat and an Apollo Creed T-shirt,  The Tee didn't quite fit my dad so I nabbed it, and left him the hat, something he'd said he'd wear on his holiday to Rome to annoy my mum.

Pretty certain he will do just that!

So thanks again to those at Warner Bros. for such a great evening!!

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