Sunday 26 June 2016

Britmums Live 2016

This weekend I attended my second Britmums Live.
I went last year, but I felt so far out of my comfort zone that I couldn't really enjoy myself.
Don't get my wrong, I got steaming drunk at the BiBs and ended up losing a goodie bag, but when the alcohol wasn't running through my veins, I stood around feeling a bit lost.

This time around I felt more confident in myself as well as myself as a blogger.
I also knew a few girls who were going and I was travelling up with Serena.
So the nerves never really touched the sides.

Serena and I decided to stay in a hotel on the Friday as we'd be able to attend the Fringe party in Camden and be able to get to the event nice and early and not have to faff around with the trains in the morning.

We stayed at the Barbican Thistle.
I think I was expecting it to be a lot posher than it was, but for an over night stay it was fine and did what it needed to do.
The first room we got given smelt strongly of smoke even though it was a non smoking room.
After going back to the reception we were given another room.

Clare and Sophie the other bloggers/vloggers  who were staying in the hotel joined us once they had arrived and we made a plan to get ready then head to Camden to grab a bite to eat before the fringe party at the Holiday Inn.

We spotted The Diner down a side street and decided that would do us nicely.
We each ordered a burger and then shared some sides.

I loved that the wine was served in a tumbler glass....something I do at home and my Halloumi Burger was amazing.
We arrived rather late to the party so missed out on the free drinks.
We said hello to a few girls that the others knew and had one drink before heading back to our hotel.

We chatted the rest of the night away in the hotel lobby over a drink .....mine was a pink lemonade, as I knew if I had anymore I wouldn't be getting up bright and early without a fight!

Britmums was held at the Brewery.
Its a lovely venue and the staff are very friendly.

I bumped into Hannah from Zombiiemummy at the coffee bar. which was nice as I was hoping to see her.
We played pass the parcel as the ice breaker and then once that was over everyone headed into the hub to meet the brands.

I had a few sessions I really wanted to attend but me and Serena lost track of time and missed out on the first two.

Even though we missed out on some sessions, we spent a good amount of time talking with the different brands.

We had lunch and made it to a few sessions in the afternoon, one of which was held by Big little tent festival , we got to make Bloody Mary's - I've never really been tempted to try a Bloody Mary, so really I have no idea how to make them, nor did Serena or the lady next to me.
So we tried our best and it looked rather pretty but I don't think it tasted to amazing as we didn't win the taste test!
Never mind it was all fun and games.

This may sound a bit sad, but one of my best highlights was the Whipsmiths ice cream.
It was aaaaaamaaaaaaaazing!!!
I went for the button moon flavour, which was Peanut butter and white chocolate and I nearly fainted it was that scrummy.

They made it there and then using cream, peanut butter and white chocolate and liquid nitrogen, so not only did it taste out of this world it was ridiculously exciting watching him make it up. 

I had a massive fan girl moment when I bumped into Cherry Healy in the hub, the words I LOVE YOU literally fell out of my mouth and to be fair she was ok with that but omg what an idiot.
Control yourself woman!

Her talk was hilarious, I don't think I've laughed that hard in years.
She was so great that on the train ride home I bought her book,
'Letters To My Fanny'.

Sorry for the rubbish photo!

This year was Britmums Live 5th birthday, so they had a special cake made and everyone sang Happy Birthday.

After a long day I was happy to get home, happy and extremely hungry so I made Jon order some pizzas and I sat on the floor pigging out and checking out my goodie bags.

I have a few things that I'll be reviewing, so you'll see those soon.
This Mim-Mim bunny was inside the bag and I gave it to Ru as soon as he woke up this morning.

He loved it, but the twins became pretty upset when they found out I only had one.
I bribed them with sweets and they soon forgave me.

It was lovely spending a few days away as it really makes you appreciate what you have at home.
Its great to let your hair down once in a while and it gives you the chance to go back to parenting with a fresh outlook.

I learnt some helpful blogging tips, which I shall be putting into practise,
I met some lovely people and mingled with some brands.

I don't think I'll be going again next year, just as I think I need to test the water with other blogger conferences.

I'm hoping this weekend has given me the kick up the bum i need to get back into blogging. As i seem to have lost my spark for it at the moment. 


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