Friday 17 June 2016

Coffee, Pokemon, Shopping and Chicken Pox

So this week I have been dragged into the world of Pokémon by Jon.
I say dragged I more than willing to enter.

I didn't think I would like it as much as I do.
I'm normally a bash any kind of button and games player and I've never really gotten on with the games where you have to follow a story and hunt things out.

I've gotten so into Pokémon that my blog has been put to the side!
 I sat on it for two hours straight the other day and I only stopped because the boys were telling me it was dinner time.

So now Pokémon is restricted to only being played once all the boys are in bed.
Which has come in handy since the football has taken over the TV.

You may or may not have seen this picture on my Instagram at the start of the week, with the caption of  "Ru's hand washing obsession is sure to flood my house if I don't keep an eye on it!"

Well half an hour later and the downstairs toilet was flooded, I went into the hall to find him trying to stop the stool floating away by putting Jon's shoes on top of it.

The water went into the hallway and into the lounge.
We're lucky it didn't go up into the walls. The carpets all dried up ok, but we are now planning to bring forward getting wooden flooring put down.

Ru has now been banned from using the sink alone.
Something that hasn't gone down very well with him.

On Tuesday I went into Maidstone with Serena to find an outfit for Britmums Live, which is next Saturday.
We went all over and could really only find things in Primark, I did see a lovely dress in Next which I am planning on going back to buy sometime next week.

I had an idea for an outfit in my head, and for the first time ever it actually seemed to have worked!
Ill probably turn up to Britmums and everyone will think what the hell is she wearing.
Along with my outfit I couldn't help buying some other bits and pieces for my wardrobe.

A shopping trip wouldn't be complete without a trip to Costa and a ridiculous sized cup of coffee. 

Popcorn Cappuccino

One of the tops I got from Primark was this Quidditch top ....You can never be too old for Harry Potter right?!?!

On Wednesday it looked as though Ru may had caught Chicken Pox.
I wasn't able to get a doctors appointment because our surgery is just crap and always busy or shut for lunch.
So I took him along to Tesco's to talk to their pharmacist.
They had a look and said it could possibly be Chicken Pox.
So they gave me some cream and some antihistamines.

None of the other boys have had Chicken Pox yet so I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to really knowing whether its them or not and what's best to help stop the itch.

His spots seem to be clearing up and fading so now I've no idea what's going on.
I'm still treating them as pox.

Some lovely mummy's on my Instagram told me Oat baths are good at soothing irritated skin, so once we got back from Tesco's I set about making some Oat bombs.

I put them in Ru's bath in the evening and it freaked him out a bit, so as long as that black ball was out of sight it was fine. Noah and the twins loved theirs and used them to rub all over themselves.
What ever floats your boat boys!

I'm back trying to loose weight.
I have a stone and a bit to loose, so I really have my work cut out for me.
I hadn't really even noticed a change in my diet, yea we've had a few extra take always here and there but nothing to drastic, I've even cut down on my chocolate buttons munching.

I'm sure my body just went
"yep F*** it,  lets hang it all out there for the world to see she's gained weight."
I have fat rolls where I've never had fat rolls before.
*cries a little*
Hold in undies really are my best friends at the moment.

Jon is trying to teach me the ways of Slimming World and I'm gearing myself up to going to my first meeting alone.
I was meant to be going 3 weeks ago....I'm obviously not quite ready yet.

Mug Shots are syn free apparently.
I'm currently having my blog redesigned by the amazing Helen over at Ellie Illustrates and I saw the header design this morning and its perfect.

Just what I wanted and I really can't wait to see it up on the blog!
Hopefully it should be up tonight, so keep an eye out.
I'm sure to tweet once its done.

The twins Pre School graduation photos came back yesterday and don't they look cute?!!?
I'm still in shock that in 3 months time they will be starting "big" school.

I won £400 in shopping vouchers this week too.
Stuff like that never happens to me.
(Please don't think I'm bragging, I just wanted to share my happiness with you)

It was for joining in with the Britmums Petits Filous First Linky Challenge.

I've no idea what shop the vouchers are for so I'm impatiently waiting by the letter box for them to drop on to the door mat.

To finish off Ru has been offered a space at the boys nursery.
Starting on the 1st July.
He's been offered Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon.

I went in yesterday to have a talk and a look around, as I've never been in the 2-3 yr old room.
I'm really impressed and think Ru will love it.
(I hope he'll love it.)

I spoke with the SENCO teacher about my concerns and all about Ru's habits.

She has asked if I would write a list of all the Makaton signs Ru knows so that they will be able to learn them, themselves if they don't yet know them.

She was really lovely and told me not to worry.

He has his first settling session on Tuesday morning.

I'm now trying to squat up on my Makaton signs by watching far too many Mr Tumble epsiodes.
Ru knows far more than I do and sometimes I have no idea what he's trying to sign to me.

Have a lovely weekend.

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