Sunday 12 June 2016

Alex and Oscar Turned 4

This past week saw the wildlings turn 4!!

Last Saturday my parents came round to deliver presents and an amazing cake which was bought by our amazing bum chum Jenny.

The boys were very pleased with their talking batman masks, the did start to grate on my slightly towards the end of the day!
Why are kids toys sooooooooooo noisy???

We had great fun with my parents, we went to the park and the boys showed off their superhero powers by climbing ridiculously high....if Jon hadn't be at Guys hospital having a meeting about his back he would be having a heart attack watching the boys do this!

We had take away pizza for lunch and played with bubbles in the garden afterwards.

The boys birthday fell on Wednesday, the day they aren't at nursery so we started the day with birthday breakfast - Pancakes and Pineapple.
The hardly ate anything as they were so busy opening presents.

Whilst Jon did the school run with Noah the boys quickly changed into some of their new superhero T-shirts and headed outside to play with their new Phlat balls that their auntie Jenni got for them.
Apparently they have always wanted one of those balls!!
Auntie Jenni must have twin mind reading skills!!!
They love them so much they take them to bed with them.

The twins decided they wanted to go swimming with daddy. Jon has never been swimming with the boys due to being very self concisions about his body, but he finally bit the bullet and joined me on the Tuesday at aqua tots with Ru.
He finally realised there was nothing to worry about and had lots of fun, he even went swimming 3 days in a row.
So from someone who was dead set against going to a public pool he has now converted to a swim fan!

After we all turned to prunes we got out of the water and headed off to lunch!

Pizza again, this time at Pizza Hut.

The boys had some mini pizzas and best of all had the ice cream factory for pudding!

As soon as they got back in the van, they crashed out!!
Always a sign of a great day.

After Noah was home from school our neighbours came over and we had more cake and blew out some more candles.

The boys had a great birthday and were truly spoilt by our families.
Pink Pear Bear

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