Thursday 16 June 2016

Review || Little Party Parcels

Birthday parties and party bags go hand in hand.
Yet I still have a slight hate for going out and buying them.
I can only ever find junk to pop in them and I just feel as though I'm giving over a bag of rubbish for another parent just to chuck away as soon as they get home.

Party bags is one thing I've never really thought about finding online until recently.
Why not buy party bags and goodies off line?
You can buy everything and anything online.

The Little Party Parcels are great for sorting out all your party bag needs!
You can buy pre filled bags, or you can buy bags and fillers of your own choice.
They have different themes and bags to suit different sorts of parties.
All of which range in price.
There certainly is something for every sort of budget!!

I was sent a box filled to the brim with exciting goodies from the guys over at Little Party Parcels to see what I thought.

First up is Super Hero Pre-filled Party Bag 90p each
Party bag,
Super hero mask,
Temporary Tattoo,
Candy sticks

The boys favourite bag!

Colour and Create Pre-filled Party bag £1.80 each.
Yellow party bag,
Beadees ironing beads,
Owl notebook,
Owl rubber,
Mini doodle pad,
Colour swap crayon,
Butterfly glider.

Smiley Pre-filled Party Bag 70p each.
Party bag,
Modelling Clay,
Spinning top,
Mini stunt glider,
Jazzy blow-out,

Magic Pre-filled Party Bag £1.35 each.
Green party bag,
Magic set,
Finger flyer rocket,
Hairy Harry,
Jazzy blow-out.

95p Party Sweet Bag.
Cello party bag,
Double dip,
Candy whistle,
Little Haribo,
Sherbert tub,
Fruity pop,
Refreshers chew,
2x rainbow dust straws,
4x chocolate footballs.

My favourite!

Junior Pre-filled Party Bag 95p each.
Cello party bag,
Mini tambourine,
Mini windmill,
Catchable bubbles,
Jungle animal stickers,
Jet Ball.

Party bag gifts / fillers.
Smiley face flying disc 15p
Rabbit rubber 20p
Car rubber 20p
Bouncy putty 35p
Rocket balloon 35p
Small metal construction kit 85p
Two tier pencil case 90p
Faux fur pom-pom 90p
Wooden pick up sticks 90p

Balloon head animal 30p.

As you can see its all amazingly priced and very well put together.
There's something for every sort of party.

Not only do the guys over at Little Party Parcels do birthday party bags they have a supply of wedding activities to keep the young guest busy!

If you have a party coming up you should head over and check out

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