Monday 11 August 2014

Munchkin latch bottle review!

A lovely lady from munchkin uk read my blog and saw that Ru was having some bottle issues a little while ago so she sent me a latch bottle and some different sized teats to try out! 

I've wanted to try them for a while now but they have always been out of stock every time I go to get one so I was pretty excited to be sent one!

The Packaging is nice, and the bottle it's self is nice and comfy to hold and as baby grows will be quite easy for him to hold on to himself. The teats are nice and soft compared to some others that we have used. Cleaning them isn't too much of a hassle either, just make sure you remember to take the bottom air vent out. 

I love the fact that the teat moves about and is more "breast like", as some bottles claim to be "breast like" but looking at them you would think the maker has never seen a boob in his life! 

Ru took to this bottle straight away with out a fuss

He drank well for about 5 minutes then the teat started to collapse in on itself, so I had to un-screwed the top and re screw to help the teat in pop......
....... Ru's milk is super thick as he is on an anti reflux one so he may have been sucking extra hard to get the milk out, I used the size 2 teat which is from 3 months. I may try the size 3 and see if it happens again, if it doesn't I will purchase some more bottles for myself, if not we shall stick to our NUK ones.

To find out more about the latch bottle visit the munchkin website and have a read::

You can buy the latch bottles in boots For £6.99

If you are struggling with bottles I would highly recommend trying them out

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