Monday 18 August 2014

Point + shoot - house hunting stress

So this weekend Jon, Ru and myself travelled down to East Kent to view a couple of houses we had fallen in love with over the internet - they had completely catfished  us, it was a complete disappointment but we are happy that we went as now we can cross them and the village off our list as we just didn't get the feeling.

The twins had a nice morning at Nanas and gramps house. The afternoon was spent making lists of what we need to do in our house and even more house hunting over the net. 
I didn't take many pictures.

Sunday I left Jon painting our house and took the 3 littles to my parents.
 We had lunch then went on a walk into town

I attempted to get the twins hair cut 

I failed miserably! They screamed the barbers down and I had to take them away! 
Curly messy locks live to see another day

Ru also started sleeping in a love to dream swaddle

I was worried he wouldn't like it, but he's taken very well to it and it truly is magic! 

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