Thursday 7 August 2014

Sassy bloom box

I received my first sassy bloom box yesterday.
I was so excited about it I was tracking the delivery man on my phone and waiting by the kitchen window! 

When it turned up I could have danced for joy! It felt like Christmas morning.

I was not disappointed! Everything inside the box was lovely! 
I know I will use everything eventually 👍

Ru has already taken a big shine to his lovely new Kaloo bunny! 

I'm a big fan of earth friendly baby and have used it before, so I'm happy to have it again to use on the little guy! 

I got this box for half price as it was my first one.
They cost £29 a month, and you can cancel at any time which is good. 
If you pay 3 months in advance it works out as £26 a month, if you pay 6 monthly it works out as £24.65 and if you pay annually it works out as £22.15

The RRP of each box is around £40! 
You can get the box sent out to you from your 3rd trimester up until your baby is two! 

I love the idea of this box so much. 
I enjoy buying baby things and have done since Noah was tiny. I see something and just think oh their little lives will be so much better if I buy that for them! I can see myself saving money knowing I'm getting a box of surprise goodies in the post and not having to search for new things myself! 

I can't wait to receive all my other boxes :)

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