Tuesday 11 July 2017

Leighton Denny // Nail Elixir

You can't beat nicely painted nails.
Getting them done at the nail salon or doing them yourself at home it gives you that instant pick me up!

Being a mum of four I don't often get a spare moment to pop out to get my nails done, so I often do mine myself.

I was recently sent a some nail goodies from Leighton Denny

and a new polish Viva La Diva.

Normally when I do my nails, I just do them quickly and bypass buffing and undercoats, so it was nice to take the time to actually do it properly.

I cleaned away the chipped varnish that I had on my nails and then buffed them up with the buffer and they came up super shiny.
I nearly left them at that, but was pretty excited about trying out the new Nail Elixir.

Nail Elixir 

A new nail treatment for ridged, ageing nails that lack moisture and smoothness.

Secret ingredients ...

Collagen - helps promote youthful and healthy looking nails.
 Chrono-peptide - strengthens, hydrates and protects.
 Lime-tree extract and citric acid - whitening

How the Experts do it -

Brush two thin layers onto clean, dry nails, and repeat bi-weekly to build up treatment for increased results. 
It can also act as a base for applying colour, and will continue to treat nails during polish wear.

I was very impressed even after I had applied the first coat.
My nails looked 10x healthier and I loved the shine that came off them.

I've been using it as the Leighton Denny experts have suggested and I'm ridiculously in love with the results.

As well as the elixir I have been using this gorgeous Viva La Diva colour,
It's just perfect for summer and instantly brightens up my day when I look down at my nails.
The first time I used it I had a few mums at school point them out and say how much they liked them!

The experts recommend two coats, but I have only been using the one coat and it still gives off an amazing result.

Leighton Denny have a beautiful range of nail varnishes, you can check them out here.
All are very reasonably priced and you're sure to have salon looking nails at the end of your DIY manicure.

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