Monday 23 November 2015

Pizza Hut and a mega melt down :)

We had a nice chilled weekend, no rushing around here and there.

With the cold weather setting in on Saturday we made cakes, watched a few films. Noah made his Minecraft Lego set he got last Christmas.

Saturday also saw 3 out of 4 boys have the biggest melt down they've ever had! 
All because they couldn't share the iPad nicely so I had to take it away. 
Bad mummy I know! 
If had them screaming for an hour at least! 
By the time they had all finished screaming the house down they'd forgotten why they were upset in the first place!!

**note to self.....must drum this in to them even more.....'sharing is caring!'

On Sunday we took the kids to Pizza Hut for lunch over in Sittingbourne. 
The boys all loved it. The staff were lovely and I have to say it was probably the nicest Pizza Hut I've been in. 

Noah decides he reallllllllly likes beetroot!

After the boys had had their fill we went over to look at the little fur balls in pets at home.
Bad idea really as Noah now wants a hamster and the twins want a TMNT fish tank just because they thought it was cool! 

We were going to go for a walk along the beach, but all the boys are pretty snorting and Ru has a chesty cough so it made sense to just head home and snuggle up.

Here are some more snaps from the weekend X 

What did you get up to over the weekend? 

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