Monday 9 November 2015

Introducing ~Donut Child Dolls~

Donut Child Dolls are Unique and handmade! 

There are dolls to suit everyone! 
and Big kids too! 
No two dolls will ever look the same!  

Lyn is the brains behind the business and she and my mum go way back.
Lyn has sent my mum a fair few handmade goodies over the years, most of them I have tried to nab for myself.

 Lyn made me a gorgeous changing bag when Ru was born.
I got to pick the fabric and Lyn made it into the bag. 
Those of you on my Instagram may remember seeing some hanging fish ... Well those were Lyn's handy work too.

Lyn is a reader of my blog so she asked me if I'd help to promote Donut Child Dolls to the rest of you.... Of course I said yes. I was more than happy to help out.

Lyn very kindly made 4 handmade monster dolls for the boys.

To say they love them is an understatement!
They take them everywhere they go and tuck them into bed every night.

They are beautifully made and you can tell a lot of love has gone into making them!

If you have a little one who likes drawing they can design their very own little monster face! 

Lyn will also be making 'Mini Me Dolls'
This is Annabella in her first school uniform and her 'Mini Me Doll'

A little bit about the wonderful
Donut Child Doll maker -  
I live in the wilds of Cornwall at the very end of the UK, where myths and legends abound and the light is so pure everything looks different. If you had told me two years ago that I would be a doll maker I would probably have laughed at you. Illness forced me to slow down and take a long hard look at my life and I started to sew . I started with simple bags and enjoyed it so much I began experimenting with easy toddler toys. I remember making my first doll. The moment I stuffed her, the magic happened and she came alive in my hands. I found myself apologising to her each time I put a needle in a sensitive place! So here I am today, locked away in my fantasy world of dolls and dreaming of all the dolls I yet have to make.

There are so many lovely dolls to choose from over at - 

Not also not only does Lyn make beautiful dolls she also runs a Doll Hospital!
She'll mend any broken cloth doll/teddy/softy for just the cost of the postage!!!

Custom order are Lyn's favourite, so if you've ever had an idea for a doll but never the skill to make it....why not get it made by Lyn!! 
Shipping is worldwide!

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Support small businesses this Christmas! 

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