Sunday 1 November 2015

October Favourites!

Things We have been loving in October::

I've rekindled my love of make up.

Crafting with Noah when the littlest are in bed. It seems to have helped us bond again and Noah seems to be much happier because of it.

My new cookie cutters! 

The October Brimbles box, I loved decorating my planner with all the goodies inside the box.

My beautiful new front door! I just love the colour. It really helps the house stand out. 

Cosy nights and candles! 
Now the weather is getting colder it's nice snuggling up on the sofa with candles burning. Next house we get will definitely have a few open fires / log burners around the place! 

Noah has been saving up his pocket money for a while and he finally had enough to buy Star Wars Infinity.
That is now one of his top favourite games, along side Minecraft.

The wildlings seem to have gone TMNT mad this month and its all they want to watch and play. We bought the old school DVD as it's much better than the new cartoon.

Ru is loving Toy Story still and can now say Buzz and Woody .... And I'm sure he mumbles 'to infinity and beyond' when he's jumping around the house.
He's also been loving pulling this face 

What were your October favourites?

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