Monday 23 November 2015

A Christmas gift guide for 3yr old boys

Goooood morning!! 

Here's a little gift guide if you are stuck for things to buy for the 3yr old boy in the family!

Some of the things on the list are actual things the twins will be receiving Christmas morning! 

I'll start off with the twins favourite TMNT!

 Then on to everybody's favourite little yellow men 

If like my 3yr olds your will be superhero mad!
A phase that doesn't fade for a long long loooooong time! 

My boys take after their dad and enjoy playing with trains/cars/tools you name it if Jon likes it the boys will love it! 

Then of course it's back to that magically tablet! 
The boys have a leappad each at the moment, we aren't changing that at the moment but if we had the money we would treat them to a 
Kindle fire kids 

This list would probably be a good fit for ages 4,5 and 6 and some suitable for even older boys!
Hope this helps if your stuck! 

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