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Dettol in the Kitchen

Most of our household cleaners are from the Dettol range.
Well because of antibacterial properties in them.
With a house full of boys we do get our fair share of germs through the house. So I like to try my best to get rid of the harmful ones! 

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Surface Wipes are just perfect for wiping up after cooking/eating/messy play/general mess!
They are great at cleaning and come in very handy when you just need something to wipe up that knocked over milk or that sticky thing on the floor your not too sure what or where it came from. 

We do a lot of cooking and I always make sure I clean up straight away after using raw meat and I never use the same chopping board or knife. Once it's touch raw food it goes into the wash and out comes a new one!
I also wash my cleaning cloths after they have been used.
I have a ridiculous stack of cleaning cloths in the draw as I do a ridiculous amount of cleaning.

it's always important to clean up after using raw meats! 
Not just cleaning the surfaces, but chopping boards, utensils and making sure to wash your dish cloths!

Dirty dish cloths can have more germs on them than a toilet seat!! 

Food poisoning is very common. Follow these simple hygiene tips and keep your kitchen free from harmful bugs such as E. coli and Campylobacter.

* Disinfect washing-up brushes, cloths and sponges regularly.
* Wash dishcloths at the hottest washing machine temperature or use disposable ones.
* Mops and buckets should be cleaned, disinfected and dried every time you use them.
* Wipe down all food preparation areas with food-safe disinfectant before and after every use.
* Always use separate chopping boards for meat (especially poultry) and vegetables.
* Scrub chopping boards, disinfect and dry after every use.
* Change wooden chopping boards regularly as they can harbour harmful germs. 
* Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly after handling raw food, especially meat.
* Clean floors regularly to remove food scraps and other debris as this can attract pests. 
* Don’t allow pets on to kitchen work surfaces.
* Store pet food away from human food and use separate tin openers, bowls and cutlery.
* Wash hands immediately after touching the rubbish bin – a foot pedal for opening/closing your bin is the most hygienic option.
* Make sure you dispose of food scraps and rubbish properly.
* All cleaning chemicals should be stored away from the food preparation areas.
* Ensure all food is cooked through properly before eating. This is especially important when re-heating leftover meals.
* If you don’t have access to clean running water, use an antibacterial washing up liquid or surface wipes.

I don't just use Dettol Cleansing wipes in the kitchen, I use them all over the house. 
Anywhere and everywhere!

Germ 101

The most common types are:
* Bacteria (e.g. Salmonella which can cause food poisoning)
* Viruses (e.g. Rhinovirus which causes the common cold)
* Fungi (e.g. Trichophyton which can cause athlete’s foot)
* Parasites (e.g. Giardia Intestinalis which can cause diarrhoea)

How are germs spread?
Bacteria and fungi can thrive anywhere warm and moist in your home. But viruses are different. Around one hundredth the size of a bacterium, viruses need to be inside a living host in order to reproduce. It’s through this process that they cause disease.

Common sources of germs in the home are:
* Contaminated food and water
* Regularly touched surfaces like doorknobs, taps, TV remotes and telephones
* Cleaning and waste areas like bins, sinks and toilets
* Household waste like used or gone-off food, used tissues and soiled nappies
* Cleaning items like cleaning cloths, sponges and dirty toothbrushes
* Pets and other animals like rodents and flies
* Other people

How do germs get into the body?
There are several ways that germs can get into our bodies: 
* They could be eaten in contaminated food
* Germs in the air could be inhaled through our nose and mouth get into the lungs
* Germs on our skin can enter via untreated cuts or wounds
* They can be introduced to our bloodstream through injections, surgery or through animal or insect bites
* Finally, some specific germs in our body fluids can be passed onto others through bodily contact.

Did you know…
In the right conditions, bacteria like Escherichia coli (e-coli) can divide every 20 minutes so that in only 8 hours a single bacterium can grow to nearly 17M bacteria.
Dettol offers a range of products that kill germs to protect you and your family from illness.

Keep those nasties at bay people and use Dettol!!!!

I was sent a sample for the purpose of the post. All thoughts are my own! 


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