Friday 6 November 2015

The Baby Show

The other Saturday I headed off to London with my dear old mother (I'm sure she will say less of the old please!)

I had been offered a free ticket by Emma's Diary, they sent me back in Febuary and were lovely enough to ask if I wanted to go again.

Off course I said yes as I love being able to see all the new baby must haves! 
Though now Rupert is in his toddler years I feel I'm out of the baby baby niche now!
*Sad Face*

The Baby Show is a great place to go as a parent to be or a new parent as you can see all the baby essentials and get hands on with them. You can even have the professionals show you how the products work!!!

This time I didn't have Rupert with me so I was able to get stuck in! 

I met the lovely  Sarah and Amy Beeson NewArrivalBook and had a lovely chat. Sarah is so warm and friendly and very easy to talk to and Amy funnily enough is just as lovely as her mother.

They have written a baby help book and from the sounds of it, it really is a must buy for new parents.... First timers to those seasonal parents lol!

I watched a bit of the icandy fashion show, the pushchairs are gorgeous but o couldn't help snigger to myself that the models no way looked like brand new mummies!
The messy hair and pjs were most definitely missing!

Whilst having a bit of a perv at the  icandy pushchairs I decided this yellow one was my favourite!

Rupert has never had a pushchair and I feel I missed out on the new pushchair fun with him.

I came across the Bennetts for Babies  stand and had a nice chat with Katie who told me all about the brand and its benefits. I got a big bag of samples and I'll be doing a separate post on them in the next few days.

I came across the Cheeky Wipes stand, I've been keen to find out more about reusable wipes but I've never really got round to it. After speaking to Vanessa I really feel I may give them ago!
Buying baby wipes is so last year!  

My favourite stand had to be BabyNatal ......Why? 
Well because they had gorgeous Frugi clothes for sale!!! 

I met Dean from DaddyNatal who was really lovely and genuine and he gave me a bit of a mini pep talk about blogging!

I met some ladies from Ourplace who were there promoting an online parent course and antenatal course.
Both are available 24/7.
The antinatal course is run by registered midwives and NHS health professionals based on Solihull approach group.
Find out more here - 
If you want to sign up you can use the special discount code -


It was nice going with my mum but because she was there she made sure I didn't spend anything. 
Always such a party pooper!! 

These are my goodies that I came home with: 

Did you go along to The Baby Show? Did you enjoy it? 

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