Wednesday 25 November 2015

A Christmas gift guide for a toddler.

Today I'm sharing my idea of a good gift guide for a toddler. 
I've had my fair share of toddlers but I still get stumped every year when it comes to buying presents. As every toddler is completely different and they don't always like the same things and if like Ru they're not really into much and could happily just sit in their own little world.

Some of Ru's top things at the moment are Mr Tumble and Toy Story.

So starting with something I know Ru would adore and is in my Amazon shopping trolley....

He's learnt to sign Spotty Bag and is now starting to say it quite clearly! I can see him becoming quite attached to this! 

Some more CBeebies favourites

For the little artist in them 

For play time

Toddlers have an issue of growing far too quickly so they are always in need of new clothes! One brand I LOVE is Little Bird by Jools Oliver 

Then as it's getting rather chilly 
Slug&Snail tights are ideal to wear around the house or underneath trousers when out and about.

And to finish with something cute for their bedroom 

Hope this has helped a little bit :) 

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