Friday 6 November 2015

Oxo Toddler Range • Review •

Ru was very kindly sent some of the Oxo tot range to try out.

We were sent the 4 piece feeding set £18.99
which includes - 
A plate
A blow with a lid
And a fork and spoon 

"The plate features a non-slip weighted base and curved ring that helps little ones guide food onto their utensils and keeping food where it belongs - on the plate and not on your floor. The ring can be removed when your tot has mastered the art of self-feeding, allowing the plate to be used as your child grows. The 360 ml bowl features a non-slip weighted base and high walls to make scooping pudding or yoghurt onto utensils easy. The OXO Tot Fork & Spoon is perfect for when tots are ready to feed themselves. Generous handles have soft, non-slip grips and are easy to hold while scooping yoghurt or piercing pasta."

And the 200ml training cup £6.60

"The training cup helps ease the transition from sippy to regular cup with the OXO Tot Training Cup. A translucent lid insert with perforations around the perimeter controls the flow of liquid when your child tilts the cup to drink. A tipped training cup will also spill more gradually to minimise messes during the learning process!"

They are all dishwasher safe, which is a great bonus for a busy household! 

Ru got on really well the the fork and spoon, he's been trying to use cutlery for a while but has never been in luck. The chunkyness of the oxo fork and spoon makes it a lot easier for him to use! 

I love the fact the plate is non slip as this helps stop Ru pushing the plate around and having his food end up all over the floor.

Having the bowl with a lid is perfect for taking snacks out and about with us. 
I do have to bribe Ru with snacks specially when we go shopping as he hates sitting in the trolley. I can just grab the pot and go! 

Ru is still getting to grips with the training cup, he has thrown it around the kitchen a few times, spilt his water all over him self. It's all trial and error, he'll get the idea soon. 
Oscar has tried to pinch it off Ru but Ru is rather attached to it now! 

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