Sunday 20 November 2016

The Lurgy Has Come To Visit

The Norovirus has hit our house

Oscar was the first one down, and that was what hit him when we were on our way to preview the new Lego store.
Then Rupert was sick all over me and then Oscar threw up all over his bed.
Then Noah decided he would do the same, then Jon passed out in the bathroom.
Alex was the last to be hit and he spent most of  yesterday being sick into a sick bowl.

Having only one washer-dryer combo the mountain of washing was too much for it to handle and it would have taken me days if not weeks to get it all done.
So I decided to visit a local laundrette.

I managed to get 3 loads done in the time it took for my washer to be only half way through a wash.

On the new house must buy list is an normal washer and a normal dryer.
So at times like this I wont be in such a pickle!

FYI .... washer dryers are rather pants if you have a large family!

I am still going strong and powering on with what needs to be done!
I don't usually get sick so fingers crossed this passes me by too.
We have so much to get done before the big move, getting sick is just not on the agenda!

Happy Sunday guys!


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