Wednesday 2 November 2016

We're Being Referred

Rupert had his 3rd 2 year check up today and finally because he's now over 2.5 yrs old he can be referred on to the paediatricians.
We also should be getting some Early Help too.

Our health visitor did the normal two year check up test and on some of it he has improved since last time, but on things like his personal awareness he was in the black.
She also did another test, which is pretty similar to the two year check but a little bit more in detail and more about how he copes with things and his behaviour.

At the end of the questions she marked up all the answers and added them up, anything up to 85 is considered normal and no further help required.
Rupert's score was 260.

Which yes is alarming but also great as its more evidence that we need some help with him and hopefully if needed a diagnoses of autism.

It's also great to know it just isn't me over thinking things, that there is something array with Ru and finally it's being noticed by others.

The health visitor said that the Early Help is like a parenting course but it will be more tailored to Rupert and will help me parent him to his needs.
Rather than how I've been parenting the others, as that just doesn't work for him.

He's also on the waiting list for Speech and Language therapy.
It's all starting to look very positive for my little bear.


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