Friday 25 November 2016

Tire Your Kids Out! Getting Through The Christmas Holidays

By this point of the year, everyone’s already looking forward to Christmas! Plenty of good food and gifts mean that it’s a time of year that’s relished by all of us. However, for parents this might not always be the case. Of course you enjoy spending time with your kids when they’re not at school, but at the same time it’s hard to think of ways to keep them occupied. Here are some ideas that don’t just involve their Christmas presents…
Get Artistic And Creative

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This is the time of year that you can really get creative with your kids. Look online for any creative Christmas projects that you can do together. You could make a wreath for your front door, or colourful paper chains to hang up in the rooms, or even a centrepiece for Christmas Day. Making clove oranges is fragrant and fun, and will give your home an incredible Christmassy citrus smell. If you want to bake together, you could make simple Christmas sugar cookies before icing them together. Buy cookie cutters online in the shape of Christmas trees, Santa Claus and his reindeer so you can ice them together. You could even give them to your family and friends as Christmas gifts! Likewise, you could get your kids to decorate photo frames that you can give to their grandparents with photographs of them in, for a fun and personal gift.
Go Out On Day Trips

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Obviously you can’t do this every day, because it might get expensive and time consuming, but this is a great opportunity for you to take your kids out and really enjoy an exciting day together. This time of year there are Christmas markets springing up all over the country, so you could take your kids along there to buy a few Christmas gifts and indulge in some sweet treats. If your family is a sporty, active bunch, consider an activity inside like rock climbing or even a high adrenalin trampoline park. By the time you get home, they’ll be tired out and begging to go to bed early – all the better for you! Alternatively, you could take a cultural route and look around for carol services and special Christmas exhibitions at your local museums, or maybe even celebrities turning on your local Christmas lights. This time of year there’s something going on every day!
Wrap Up Warm And Get Outside

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Even though the cold outside might seem a little oppressive, remember that you can use this time of year to make some incredible memories. If you wrap up in lots of layers and with woollen scarves, hats and gloves, you can spend time outside completely comfortably. Put on your walking boots and get hiking – if you have a dog, it’s important that they still get plenty of exercise this time of year, and going on long dog walks or hikes is a great way to spend time together as a family. Just make sure that your dog is wrapped up warm too! If it snows, take your kids out tobogganing, or if you want to keep it low key, go out into the back garden so you can all make snowmen and snow angels together.

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