Monday 20 November 2023

Dahlia season 2023

Dahlia season 2023 is over and I thought I'd take a look back at a few of my favourites from this year's collection.

Some of the dahlias are from last year and a few are new ones that I bought last autumn.

This was its second year and it did much better than in 2022

Mikayla Miranda.
This was a new one for this year and it was stunning, I can't wait to see it come back next year.

Café au Lait Twist.

Another new one for this year, I fell in love with café au laits last year so was very keen to add a few more this year.

Labyrinth Two Tone.
Again another newbie for this year, but completely perfect.


The original Café au lait. 

One of my favourites for this year definitely has to be Café au lait twist. Everyone is different and perfect in their own way. I think I'll be buying another just in case my one doesn't overwinter well.

The biggest bloom this year came from Penhill Watermelon.
Which is an XL Dinner plate variety.

Dark Spirit.
The only non-pinkish Dahlia I had this season. 

I loved having a different bunch of flowers in the house every week during the summer.

A pure beauty.
The first and last to bloom.

This has been my second year growing Dahlias and I have loved every second of it.
I have dug up all the tubers, and they are drying out in the greenhouse before I store them away for winter.

We are having a big garden makeover during the winter, taking away all the raised beds, replacing the lawn with new turf, and making borders.

I am going for the complete cottage garden look.
I have already pre-ordered more dahlias for next season, and I have flower seeds overflowing in my seed box.

The above Dahlias are a mix of Farmer Gracy and The Rose Press Garden tubers.  


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