Thursday 9 November 2023

Nikura Essiential Oils // Review

A little while ago I was sent a lovely little package from the guys over at Nikura, inside was their Rosemary hair and body oil and a bottle of their French Lavender oil.

I am a massive fan of essential oils and I'm 100% there's an oil for everything!

Since damaging my hair with over-bleaching again, I have been looking into remedies and all sorts of potions and lotions to help hair regrow and get its shine back.
Many of the things I have tried have been nice but haven't had much of a big effect on my hair, so I did eventually go in for a good hair chop, which has helped since all the split ends and damaged hair was snipped off but I was still left with dull looking hair.

One of the oils I kept reading really good reviews about was Rosemary Oil, as Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant that helps encourage hair growth when applied to the scalp.

The Nikura Rosemary hair oil smells amazing, it comes in a 250ml bottle which will keep you going for a long time.

I use it weekly and leave it on overnight.
At first I did find it heavier than other oils that I had been using, but it washes off nicely and I have been left with lovely shiny hair afterwards.

I have been using the oil for around a month now and have seen a difference in the condition of my hair, it feels thicker, it's growing, and has a lovely shine!
I highly recommend it if you feel your hair needs a bit of TLC.

RRP £9.99, which for a hair oil is highly reasonable.

Now on to a little bottle of magic.

Lavender oil is my all-time favourite, I always like to have a couple of bottles in the house as it is my secret bedtime weapon when the kids are saying they can't sleep or they're feeling a little stressed.

I add it to Bea's bath, I rub it on the boy's temples, and add drops to their pillows.
They all love it, even Noah comes and asks for the special oil for his pillow before bed, and I have found it really helps him settle. He is in year 11 now and is facing lots of stress at school due to his GCSEs and trying to decide what he wants to do at college, and it has been keeping him up at night. 
So with a bit of lavender magic, he is able to settle and wake up feeling a little fresher.

Nikura has a massive range of essential oils and the prices start from as little as £3.99.
I will be stocking up my essential oil collection from them when I next need to.
With Christmas just around the corner, they also sell some lovely gift sets.


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