Monday 13 November 2023

Mushrooms hunting, bread making and potty training

It's been a while, I know, but helloooo.

October / November is always mushroom season hunting for us, we love getting out to the woods to see if we can find our favourite fairy houses.
Bea really got into it this year and loved running around trying to find all the fly agarics, she is even spotting all sorts of different mushrooms on the school run and it has helped with making her walk rather than being carried!

As well as doing lots of mushroom hunting, I have been trying out different styles of bread to make, as for some reason my sourdough isn't really doing what I want it to do and it's just becoming a disappointment every time I get it out the oven. I think I am going to have to re-jig my starter, I have been trying to play around with it but I think I need to be a bit more drastic with it.

But for now, I am enjoying trying different loaves of bread and I love seeing how all bread styles are completely different, some are winners and some are massive fails!

As well as being busy in the kitchen baking bread, I turned all our plot tomatoes into yummy tomato sauce.
We didn't get as many tomatoes this year as we usually do so we didn't want the ones we had to go to waste.

I boiled up two big pans full of tomatoes and let them bubble and soften then I added sugar, water, and some salt.
Really simple but extra tasty, and we have plenty of pasta sauces ready to go.

The days are finally getting colder and the evenings are darker, it is the perfect time to get out for sunset walks.
The kids all love letting off steam, the dog gets a little walk - he can't walk far now so we have to keep the walks short and sweet.
We usually say hello to the wild ponies and then head back home.

Dahlia season is finally over and it was pretty sad to pick the last bunch of flowers from the garden, but I am really excited for next season. We are re-doing the garden over the winter and turning it from random beds into a cottage garden with borders and a lovely lawn.

I really cannot wait, I have a giant bag full of sprint bulbs ready to plant and seeds coming out of my ears!

Dalia tubers are dug up and dried out before I store them away for winter.

I love it when the weather turns, I am definitely a winter girl rather than a summer girl,
I love being able to have fire days, snuggling up with a blanket and a good book whilst it's chucking it down outside.

We have two working log burners in the house and we try to use them more than the actual heating, with all the work we had done in spring (internal wall insulation)  and then the new windows and doors fitted in the summer the house is ten thousand times warmer.

Bea started going to nursery for two-morning sessions at the start of October and has been loving it, we also attend two toddler clubs during the week - Hartbeeps and Baby Ballet.
She loves being active and can easily get bored, so we try our best to keep her busy.

Not only has she started nursery but just recently she decided she no longer needed pull-ups.
She has been dry for a week now and has only had one little accident.

Next, we will try to get her dry at night, but I think for that to happen she'll have to drop her nighttime feeds,

Update with the boys, Noah is in year 11 and about to do his GCSE mocks,
The twins are now in year 7 and loving it.
Ru is in year 5 and is about to collect his first pair of glasses, he had an eye test last week and he's short-sighted just like me, but will only need them to see the whiteboard at school and for when his eyes are tired.
He is over the moon and cannot wait to collect his frames this evening. 



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