Friday 15 August 2014

4 whole days!

After 8 months of no over night stays Noah is off to his dads for four nights!

He woke up in tears this morning crying about how much he was going to miss us and he was worried about who was going to be ru's big brother whilst he was gone! 

I'm all for Noah spending time with his dad and his other family, but leaving it 8 months since having him to stay is just not on! He was the one that fought for the over night contact only to pack it in when the travelling got too much for him (he lives in Nottingham we live in surrey) 
He sees Noah once a month give or take for a few hours and that's it! 
Noah doesn't know if he's coming or going sometimes 😔 

I know he'll have fun when he's there but it's a constant stress for me until he's back home as I have no contact with him when he's away, I don't even get a text to say they have arrived safely! 

This time I know the twins will kick off too as they hate it when Noah isn't around, and they are too young for me to explain where he's off too! 
They adore Noah and always want to be by him

Four whole days with out my big man.
It truly is going to suck 


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