Monday 25 August 2014


We are currently away in Suffolk. Staying in a converted barn on a working farm! 
Very gorgeous but with stone flooring not very toddler safe, but the boys are learning not to be tooo crazy here as they could end up with an "ouchie"

Even with the rain pouring down we've had a great day. 

We went out this morning to find a local supermarket (about 40 minutes away) as we were running low on supplies, once stocked up we headed out for lunch in a nice little pub called the swan. 

After we all enjoyed a lovely lunch we came back to the barn to let the kids chill out.
Just before bedtime we decided to go on a muddy puddle walk to wear the twins out as the previous night they were still bouncing off the walls at 10pm 

We all had fun splashing in the puddles and spotting all the tractors. 
We even found a random invisible footpath! 

Alex fell flat into a puddle but the little wildling got straight back up and ran on to jump in the next massive puddle he could see.

Oscar picked up some supicious looking mud! 

All the boys wellies were full of water when we got back home.

Safe to say we all had nice warm showers once we were back in from our little farm adventure.

To finish the evening off we read the boys their new book
'The Scarecrow's wedding' - which fitted rather nicely into our little farm fun evening :)

Our plan worked and the twins both fell asleep pretty quickly 

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