Tuesday 19 August 2014

Bocketts farm

I took all four boys to the farm today, I nearly didn't due to over thinking things but I was a good mummy and just got on with it! 

This was the twins first proper visit to a farm and they loved every bit, they even fed the goats....... something I thought they'd run away from 

Ru had his 16 weeks jabs this morning so he spent the whole afternoon sleeping away

Noah had fun, he's been off since he got back from his dads so it was nice to take him out and see him have fun 

We watched a pig race but none of the piggies we picked came first, but all had fun cheering them on.

We had a nice picnic after seeing all the animals. I bought the boys new fruit tubs from Asda for a £1 each they were all very pleased with and didn't want to let go of them!

And a snazzy little lunch bag to put them in with the rest of our yummies.

Not bad for £2 thank you Asda :) 

To finish the day off I let them run off their extra energy in the play barn.

I highly recommend bocketts farm to everyone big and small. The staff are all very friendly and very helpful, lots of play areas for all ages and great being able to hand feed the animals as some farms no longer allow that! 

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