Wednesday 20 August 2014

6yr old melt down!

Every time Noah stays over at his dads he ends up having a melt down a couple of days after he's returned.

Today was that day, usually it's him crying over silly things but today saw him turn his crying into shouting and yelling and hitting out. 

I caught him hitting Alex because he wouldn't move out his way and whilst we were out he started shouting at me saying how horrible I was to him and how I loved the other boys more and how I never let him have what he wants - usually this is not allowing him to eat junk food and staying up late play over 18 video games!

I try my hardest to make sure the boys have a nice healthy diet with some treats  and make sure they aren't playing or watching things they shouldn't be

When Noah goes to his dad all he seems to eat is sweets and take aways and he's allowed to play any video game he likes such as UFC - ultimate fighting championships. Black ops down and grand theft auto 

All of which I think are an 18 - all very inappropriate for a 6yr old! 

I have expressed my concerns about this to his dad but his dad doesn't seem to care what I think. 

Noah always comes back and says things about not seeing his dad as his dad has said he's moving away or the fact we are planning to move will make it far to hard for him to see him again and that will be all mummy's fault.
I'm aware he would have an issue with us moving but he really should keep his childish comments from Noah and take it out with me. 
I really question his maturity when I hear the things Noah comes out with. 

I know Noah must feel so unsettled due to the over nights not being consistent and leaving his brothers and going to another home where it is totally different to his and being surrounded by people he hardly knows and constantly being told Jon isn't his daddy and the boys aren't his real brothers. 

The poor boy must feel so lost and confused :( 

All the boys adore him and Jon thinks of Noah as his own and treats him no differently.

I try to do things with just him as well so he knows I still love him and enjoy our special times together. 

A few early nights and some decent home cooked meals inside him and he'll back to his usual happy self but it's so hard seeing him like this! 

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