Friday 31 October 2014

Halloween fun 2014

So today was Halloween. 

We don't usually go all out as we never really did it as kids ourselves. Saying that it wasn't as big back then as it is now. We should really get with the times.

I have always bought Noah a costume as he's always been into dressing up. This year he had a party to go to so I said id do his face and paint his nails.

He was really over the moon (as was I, I'm sure I earned a 100 cool mum points) by the time id picked him up all the face paint had been sweated away, and he didn't remember if people liked it or not :(

What a Fail, I was hoping for a full report on how everyone was blown away by my skills. 

The twins didn't want to wear their outfits but they did want me do their nails to match Noah's.

Id bought Ru a special my 1st Halloween romper but I forgot to wash it, so he wore a little monster top and his elephant slug and snails tights.

I wanted to join in the festive fun, so I popped on my best looking Wednesday Addams dress I own - standard thing to have in your wardrobe, right???

I can see Halloween becoming a massive thing in our house once the boys all get bigger. We are already a ready made party. I will embrace this and I'q actually looking forward to hosting my own parties. 
Seeing everyone's pictures all over Instagram and twitter has really inspired me 

Hope you all had spooookyly fun day x 

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