Thursday 23 October 2014

We had a twin bake off

Last week I had to make cakes for a cake day at Noah's school.
 Whilst out at Asda buying the ingredients the twins decided to help themselves to two boxes of toy story cakes.

Seeing as they were on offer at £1 each I couldn't really say no.

Once we were home I set up the table so they could get busy 

They did really well with the mixing and for them didn't actually make much mess!! 

The cakes didn't turn out too bad and they were all gone within a day! 
(Cakes never last long in this house!)

I think it's really important to give your kids the chance to have messy play. It helps with their development and it's fun.

I did read an article the other day on netmums which said some parents shy away from messy play as they are too busy to clean up afterwards 
 I can understand that some people are too busy to do said activities on a daily basis especially for working parents. 

But as a stay at home mum I do try my best to get the boys doing a least a couple of messy play activities at home during the week 
Such as baking
Sensory play

What messy play activities do you do with your little ones? 

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