Thursday 30 October 2014


We received our first nonabox this afternoon. I've been pretty excited about this turning up (like a child waiting for Christmas) 

It was lovely to unwrap it, I nearly did it with out taking pictures I was that excited. 

I was a little disappointed with it to be honest. Compared to my first sassy bloom box which had me head over heels, this was just a bit meh.

Though with that said It was still filled with some great things such as ....

 Aden + anais muslin cloth. I love love love this,  I keep seeing great reviews about them and I'm really happy that we now own one. 

The water wipes are always lovely and I have used these before, they have gone straight into the changing bag.

Bennetts aqueous bath drops and bennetts bum creme.
I've never used the bennetts baby range but I do like the look of it, so Ru will be having his bath tonight with the aqueous bath drops. This will also be great for the twins as they sometimes have big eczema break outs. 
The bum creme will be popped into our nappy basket for when it's needed.

The nuk soothers get the thumbs up as we use the nuk bottles so will be nice to see if Ru likes the soothers too, plus I do need to upgrade his soothers to the next stage as he is now 6 months.

The organic baby wash smells lovely and will be using this on Ru and all the other monsters. 

Last but not least we have the chilli peeps 3 in 1 spout. What a clever idea,
I'm not sure I'll be able to use on Ru as he's rather fussy when it comes to teats but I will put it away and try when he's a bit older. 

I'm hoping our next box will be a bit more exciting. I'll be putting a hold on our boxes for now as we are just about to move house, so once we are settled in our new shiny house i will start them up again.


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