Thursday 2 October 2014

Our daily routine

Living with four little monsters I really need to be one step ahead or i end up wanting to run away and hide under a rock! 
Of course this actually does happen a few times a week ( I'm not perfect and I slip on the odd occasion ) 

Our typical day usually goes like this.......unless we have play dates or the boys are at nursery or it's a weekend

* 6.30am. Mummy get up time, shower and dress 

* 6.45am first coffee of the day, Jon goes to work

* 7am. Get Noah and the twins up and down stairs 

* 7.15am breakfast time 

* 7.30am get Ru up, changed bum and first bottle 

* 8am dress twins, Noah gets dressed

* 8.20 am get everyone's shoes on and out the door

* 8.50am drop Noah off at his class

Sometimes depending on the days I'll take the boys to the park or do some extra food shopping (constantly shopping for more food, thanks boys) or just go straight home and let boys do as they please

* 11am snack time - usually fruit sometimes some choccy biscuits, coffee time for mummy

* 11.30am feed Ru then get on with the house work. 

* 12pm lunch time for the twins and mummy if I'm hungry.

* 12.10pm coffee time for mummy 

* 1pm usually around this time the twins will nap, other wise we will go in the garden or attempt to do an activity, if all 3 nap I get on with house work 

* 2pm coffee time for mummy 

* 2.30pm feed Ru 

* 2.45pm get shoes on, in the car head to school 

* 3.20pm collect Noah 

on the odd occasion will take all of them to the park 

* 4.30pm feed Ru some purée, then once finished start on boys dinner 

* 5.15pm dinner time for the boys, another coffee to get me through to dinner! 

* 5.45pm Jon home 

* 6pm start baths - Ru then the twins then Noah 

* 6.45pm daddy does story time whilst I feed Ru his last bottle 

* 7pm twins in bed!
I listen to Noah do his reading then myself or Jon will read to him 

* 7.15pm Noah in bed

* 8pm mummy and daddy dinner time 
Then chill out time lol! 

What's your daily routine like, or do you just go with the flow? 

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