Wednesday 13 May 2015

After school beach fun

I promised that I would take the boys to the beach yesterday once we'd collected Noah from school and that they could ride their scooters.

Never one to break a promise ....... Because if I do I'll never live it down!

The boys loved scooting along ... Going the super speed of 2mph, Noah got to push his scooter skills to the limit and even tried to do a few jumps.

It was too long before they got bored and wanted to go play on the pebbles.

I decided Ru could venture out of his Tula and have a bit of an explore and meet the sea!

He loved it and enjoyed being able to do what the others do every time we pop  down to the beach. 

It was lovely to do something a little bit different, rather than going straight home after school. 

All the boys ate their dinners and went straight to sleep. 

Win win :) 

Being able to do this just pleases me no end! I'm so glad we made the choice to love away from where we both knew to somewhere completely different where we know no one. 

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