Friday 8 May 2015

Livie & Luca - Ru and his competition winnings

Last week Livie & Luca turned 4years old and to celebrate they held a few competitions on their instagram and facebook pages, I entered one on Instagram as that is where I spend most of my time online. 

I didn't think there would be any chance of winning but giving it ago never hurt.
Luck was on my side.
A couple of days later that they announced the winners and Yep we'd won!

We won a pair of gorgeous vintage toffee captains. 

Yummy aren't they!?! 

None of my boys have ever had Livie & Luca shoes and I feel like giving myself a poke in the eye!!! They are made extremely well, look amazing and from Ru wanting to wear them all the time I'm taking it that they are super comfortable.

On their website that have such a great choice to pick from and for once the boy range is just as nice as the girl range. I can't say this for a lot of places as usually the boy range is pants and only have a couple shoes to pick from.

I've found my next few purchase that I want, so once Ru has out grown his Captains I'll be heading over to their site and placing an order.

If you fancy checking out Livie & Luca site yourself click on the link ....

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