Tuesday 26 May 2015

Beach day fun!

My Friend Jenny came over for a visit so I decided to take her to the beach as the last two times she has visited we didn't get up to much.

So I packed up some towels and some drinks and off we headed to the seaside! 

We haven't yet been paddling in the sea as either it's not warm enough or the tide is out and Jon doesn't like the idea of walking out to the sea ..... ( Jon has a few anxieties and is very safety conscience, which usually ends up with us not being allowed to do anything overly "dangerous".) 

The tide was out and Jon wasn't with us, so off we went for a water adventure!!   ... I told Jon afterwards and showed him the pictures to win him over with the fun we were having. 

This was the first time for the twins and Rupert to dip their toes into the sea 

They all loved it!!

Ru loved sitting down and having a splash 

Noah even attempted to sunbath, but having issues with being still for any length of time he didn't too last long!

After we had finished playing in the sea we headed off to the sweet hut for an ice cream and a cup of coffee for me and Jen 

Everything Mummy

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