Saturday 2 May 2015

How we achieve a good nights sleep in the Mini Beast household

The guys over at , have just put out a post on their blog about the top 100 ways to get a good night sleep. You can read the article here ...

After reading it, I realised I already do a lot of those things to help everyone in our house to get the best night sleep possible. 

I am very lucky to have four children who sleep really well.

Of course I haven't always had it so easy. When Noah was a baby I would spend hours rocking him to sleep only to put him down to have him wake up straight away.
The only way we both got any sleep was to co sleep, which we did until Noah was 3. It worked well as it was only us two then.

When the twins were babies we had many many many sleepless nights. Sleep deprived and feeling a bit like I may lose my mind I read many baby sleep books, twin books and set up a regimented routine, which eventually became a rainbow in the storm and my unruly babies started to sleep well.

Ru co slept with us until just recently as he has started to sleep through the night in his own cot. Co sleeping never caused me any sleepness nights, but Jon never got much sleep as he was the one getting kicked and poked by Ru. 

We have just treated ourselves to a lovely new super king bed, not only do we have much more room, we each have different matteress which zip together .... Jon's is firm as he needs it to support his bad back. 
I on the other hand can't sleep on a matteress that is too hard, so I have a medium.
It may have cost the Earth but it is completely worth it.
I am a true believer in spending that little bit extra when it comes to something as important as a good nights sleep. 

The guys over at wanted me to share my top ten ways we all get a good night sleep.

So here is are how we achieve it - 

1. Tidy, calm rooms - I always make the the boys rooms are tidy and all the toys have been put away before they go up to bed. 
Our room is clutter free and that's the way we keep it. We only go in their to sleep so it doesn't get very messy.

2. Clean sheets and made beds - I hate getting into a bed when they bed hasn't been made, where as getting into a bed where it has been made nicely and smells fresh instantly relaxes me.

3. Warm relaxing bath - I always make sure the boys have a nice bath before bed, we use nighttime bath products that have lavender in them unwind from their crazy day.
I always end the day with a hot bubble bath to wash away the stress of running around like a headless chicken.

4. Routine Routine Routine - I have a daily routine which I pretty much stick to everyday. With the routine the boys always go to bed at 7. 
Noah will go at 7.30 once he has read to me and I have read to him.
Routine helps the boys know what is going to happen and it keeps them calm.

5. Wind down time - After dinner I switch the tv off so they get the chance to let their minds wind down ready for bed.
In this time they usually play quietly whilst I'm getting their rooms ready for bedtime. 

6. Warm milk and a banana - A banana contains  potassium and magnesium. Both minerals help calm the nervous system, along with the calcium in milk, which can help promote restful sleep.
I swear by it, the boys also know once they have this it's time for bed.

7. Making sure we get enough fresh air - now we are living by the sea, everyone's sleep has really improved. Having Ray has also helped as we are getting out and about more. Which is resulting in us doing more exercise and enjoying all the fresh air we need.

8. Naps - if Rupert doesn't have his two naps he gets a bit cranky and that can result in him not settling well come bedtime. If the twins decide to have a nap I have to make sure it's not too late as then they will never go to sleep at 7. 

9. Video game time limits - Noah Doesn't sleep well if he's been playing video games too much during the day so I have to limit his time and not let him on them too close to bedtime. Of course he doesn't like this but mummy knows best. 

10. Not letting stress win - when it comes to getting everyone into bed it's not always easy and it does get stressful. I'm sure many of you know being stressed and angry when putting a child to bed just doesn't work.
So just breathe, read a nice bedtime story have cuddles and kisses and then say goodnight!

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