Thursday 30 July 2015

A look around Ru-Bear's bedroom

When we moved into the house, Rupert's room was the one I was most excited about doing. I had great plans ... It didn't go to plan as his room was used to store the boxes we hadn't yet opened and literally you could not get past the door it was stuffed from floor to ceiling with boxes! 

We worked our way through the boxes, not as fast as I would have liked but months and months later, his room is box free and probably my favourite room in the house. We still want to re paint, but that can be done when we do the rest of the house. 

I hope you like the photo tour and once the other boys rooms are looking as nice as Ru's I'll be doing more room tours :)! 

Ru's cot with a selection of special teddies! 

A chair my mother gave us has turned into our nighttime feeding and cuddle chair, before I put Ru into his cot. 

Ru's collection of books and Sonny Angels 

These special little guys have been in all the boys rooms. I got them when I moved into my first house with Noah's dad and No was going to have his first ever room. They are their little guardians.

Jon bought this beautiful seat from the local toy shop by our old house. It was too lovely not to purchase it. 

These are my favourite paintings in the whole house. Again these were bought for Noah's new room when I moved into my own flat. They have since been in the Twins room and now they are in Rupert's!

I found this on Amazon and I just loved the colours and the fact it was different to most baby mobiles

Finally Ru's gorgeous wall stickers, I came across these on Amazon and couldn't resist. I was really pleased with the quality as soon pervious wall stickers I've purchased haven't been all that! 

I hope you enjoy having a peek into Ru's room, next I'll be doing a post on how I eventually want Noah's room to turn out!!


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