Wednesday 29 July 2015

Planner love

Another post about my new obsession!!!

I was enjoying my little Amazon planner so much that Jon treated me to a pretty pink Webster's Pages colour crush personal planner! 

I've become a tad obsessed at watching the many many videos you tube has to offer on decorating your planner and such.

Also I've come across a few lovely etsy shops that sell gooorgeous goodies to pop into your planner to give it a personalised touch! 

They are also feeding my addiction! 
Dangerous times!
My names Hannah and I'm a stationeryaholic.

It may seem silly and strange but it is so relaxing, sitting at the table and making something look pretty. 
It really is a way of de stressing. 
Well for me I find it is. 
I guess it's taking a time out to focus on something for me rather than the others.

My mum has just bought me the perfect desk that is going to fit nicely on the landing between mine and Ru's room, Jon is going to pick it up tomorrow and Friday will be spent putting it up.

It will be nice to finally have somewhere for all the stationery I've collected in the last few months to go and somewhere I can be creative with out taking over the dining table and getting in everyone's way. 

Photos will follow once the desk is up and running :) 

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