Wednesday 22 July 2015

My Dream Bathroom

Our bathroom isn't a complete disaster but it is on our to do list!
We only moved into the house back in March and are currently working our way through that list, but now Jon has re hurt his back and is back off work the bathroom has been pushed to the bottom of the list.

The one thing that I dislike about our family bathroom is the lack of style and that it has no storage. 
Everything is out on show and because of that it looks slightly cluttered.

I have always dreamed of a beautiful girly bathroom where I can relax and soak my stresses away. 
As running around like a headless chicken after the four boys does leave me rather frazzled. 
I think a bathroom should be a tranquil place where you can escape for a moments peace!
You could say a perfect bathroom would be rather spa like. 
I guess I can dream! 

The hammered blue mix glass mosaic tiles would give the room a girly mermaid/seaside feel and being blue they would be boy friendly too!

The Nectar Square Shower Bath Suite  would be great for a growing family and give the added bonus of having a shower. 
This will give the boys a choice to shower once they are old enough to want that little bit of independence. 
Boys tend to shower more once they turn into those teenager things that mope around and not want to wash, as it's a lot easier to get them to jump into a shower than to soak in a tub at the end of the day, so this would work well for our family.  

I like the Lux Bathroom Suite as it gives you the storage benefit which is something I'm looking for as it would solve the clutter issue that our bathroom is facing at the moment! Also having the storage would mean I wouldn't have to share the bath with Spider-Man and ironman, I could pop them away and not feel like the were watching! 
 The suite also looks very swish and gives off that spa look I long for! 

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